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Automotive Products & Services

Automotive Products and Services

A support and services operation with a specialised expertise in stringent certification Khimji Ramdas Automotive Products & Services offers and handles:

  • Rent A Car and Leasing
  • Repairs & maintenance – including repair and maintenance of military vehicles; accident repairs; and vehicle body building & chiller fitment
  • PDO/RAS Certification – certification to drive Light/heavy vehicles, trailers and buses at PDO
  • Supply of Lubricants & Grease
  • Supply of Batteries – automotive and industrial
  • R&M and PDO Certification
    • High tech automotive workshop
    • Accredited A+ grade workshop by ROP
    • Black Hawk (UK) heavy vehicles chassis aligner
    • High Tech paint booth
    • Installation of freezer & chiller units in trucks
    • Certified workshop for inspecting PDO/ RAS standards in vehicles